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Poster for Barbara Sullivan installations of fresco bas-relief sculptures exhibition

The Gascoine Gallery is excited to present an exhibition of Barbara Sullivan's fresco installations of common everyday situations.

The medium for all of the work is fresco executed in the traditional method of painting into wet plaster with pure pigments.

Barbara Sullivan makes bas-relief fresco objects that are effigies of real things; she distorts and flattens both the forms and the painted surfaces to question our perception of perspective. Historically, fresco as a medium was used to paint illusionist images on flat architectural surfaces. Her work is nearly life-sized to reflect the scale of fresco murals. Sullivan groups individual objects together in quirky off kilter ways using the wall as a ground to evoke irony and humor as she reveres the common everyday.

Barbara Sullivan: "COMMON EVERYDAY and (some) NOSTALGIA" will run from June 23 through December 31, 2021. Hours are Wednesday through Saturday 10am—5pm. The Gascoine Gallery is located on the Second Floor, above Monson Pottery at 16 Greenville Road in Monson, Maine.

See more examples of her frescos at the Caldbeck Gallery.

Barbara Tool Bench frescoes
Barbara Sullivan Kitchen frescoes
Barbara Sullivan Salon frescoes